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Little Bambino 4-In-1 Baby Rocking Cradle Cot

Little Bambino 4-In-1 Baby Rocking Cradle Cot

R 2,899

he Little Bambino baby rocking cradle is a painted, wooden, adjustable cot with mattresses included. The rocking function will gently lull your Little Bambino to sleep. The adjustable guard rails turns from co-sleeper to a cot. This multi-use crib can be utilized for the first 5 years of your little one’s life.

• Co-sleeper
• Rocker
• Cot
• Toddler/Sofa Bed

• Co-sleeper mode: suitable for 0-6 months, guardrail can be lowered to open up to the side of the parent’s bed.
• Crib mode: Guard rails can be lowered for taking baby out of the crib and raised once baby gets big enough to stand to avoid baby falling out.
• Play mode: The guard rails provide a safe environment for baby to play unassisted.
• Sofa bed mode: Suitable for 2-5 years, the side guardrail can be removed and it can be turned into a toddler sofa bed.

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