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Homemax Power Chef Self Sharpening Knife Set

Homemax Power Chef Self Sharpening Knife Set

R 599

Properly sharpened knives make food preparation faster and easier, giving you clean and precise cuts every time! No matter what you’re chopping, slicing or dicing it will all be as easy as slicing through soft butter. Save time and kitchen counter space with the Homemax Power Chef Space-saving Self sharpening 9-piece Knife Block Set. Knives are made from a high-carbon, stainless German steel. What's more is that each knife features a full tang triple-riveted handle.

Thanks to the built-in ceramic sharpeners, your knives will be as sharp as ever, all the time. These sharpeners work toward honing the blade of the knife every time it is removed from and replaced back into the block. This ensures that your knives will always be on their peak performance. What makes this knife sharpening block different from the norm is that the sharpeners are ceramic. This means that they are less abrasive than alternative materials. In saying so, they will gently sharpen knives resulting in a finer edge. This not only saves you time but money too as you do not have to buy new knives every time they become blunt. It is also a safer and more efficient way to sharpen your knives

Knives stay sharp for a lifetime with the AlwaysSharp Technology. Sharpeners are built right into the block, automatically sharpening straight edge knives every time you remove them from the block to ensure peak razor-sharp knives when you start any cutting task.

Set Contains

1 x Self Sharpening Block
1 x Chef Knife
1 x Santoku Knife
1 x Boning Knife
1 x Paring Knife
4 x Steak Knives
1 x Kitchen Scissors

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